Captain Marvel Adventures Volume 1 – Issues No1 to No15 | Vintage Superhero Comic | March 1941 – September 1942


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Title: Captain Marvel Adventures Volume 1

This digital PDF ebook is a high-quality reproduction of the digital scans of the original comic book, Captain Marvel Adventures No7.

Issues included in this volume:

Captain Marvel Adventures No1
Captain Marvel vs. Z (15 pages)
Out West (16 pages)
The Monsters of Saturn (15 pages)
Battles the Vampire (16 pages)
Captain Marvel’s in the Movies! (1 page)

Captain Marvel Adventures No2
World of the Microscope (17 pages)
Invasion from Mars (12 pages)
The Curse of the Scorpion (2 pages)
The Pirate’s Treasure (14 pages)
The Arson Fiend (18 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No7
The Ghost of the White Room (15 pages)
The Science of Dr. Sarr (10 pages)
The Ogre of Haunted Mansion (6 pages)
The Pirates of Port Peril (12 pages)
G-Man Versus German (2 pages)
The Slayer on Skis (14 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No8
Macro the Giant (14.66 pages)
The Adventure With the P.A.L. (8 pages)
Skiing Into Trouble (6 pages)
Kill that Witness (2 pages)
The Curse of Ibac (14 pages)
The Amazing Case of the Code in Music! (18 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No9
In the Realm of the Subconscious (15 pages)
Captain Kid Captures the Big, Big Bad Wolf (6 pages)
The Return of Ibac (14 pages)
Death Rides the Skies (2 pages)
Nippo from Nagasaki (13 pages)
Charles Martel, the Hammering Frank (1 page)
Captain Marvel Saves the King! (13 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No10
At the Circus (16 pages)
The Radio Racketeers (14 pages)
The Swamp Smugglers (6 pages)
Coffins Are For Corpses (2 pages)
Xerxes (1 page)
The Strange Orders From Washington (13 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No11
Sivana Goes Straight (15 pages)
The Copper Feud (14 pages)
The Throne of Thulia (14 pages)
The Temple of Death (2 pages)
Garshdarnit the Giant Gar (6 pages)
The Finish of Mr. Finish (10 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No12
Captain Marvel Joins the Army (16 pages)
The Curse of Water (12 pages)
Glamourboy the Gorilla (6 pages)
The Truth Epidemic (12 pages)
Loaded for Bear (2 pages)
The Slap-Happy Magician (12 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No13
The King of Storms (16 pages)
Tire Trap (2 pages)
The Perfect Gentleman (12 pages)
The Diamond of Doom (12 pages)
The Big Game Hunt (6 pages)
The Job He Couldn’t Do! (12 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No14
Henry’s Grandmother (16 pages)
The Unwilling Toys (12 pages)
Happy Berthday! (6 pages)
Wolfhound of the Sea (2 pages)
Nippo Meets His Nemesis (12 pages)
Captain Marvel, Detective (12 pages)

Captain Marvel Adventures No15
The Great Atlantic Dam (16 pages)
Captain Marvel a Murderer? (13 pages)
Bulbo the Whale (10 pages)
Death Express (2 pages)
Klang the Killer (12 pages)

Publisher: Fawcett
Date: March 1941 – September 1942
Language: English
Cover: Color
Interior: Color newspaper print
Original cover price: $.10
Format: PDF
File size: 107.9MB

Due to the digital nature of this item, it is impossible to ‘return’ the item. Therefore, we are unable to offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges of any kind. However, we are ready to assist you, should you have any questions or concerns.


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