Boy Meets Girl Complete Collection – Issues No1 to No24 | Vintage Romance Comic | February 1950 – June 1952


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Title: Boy Meets Girl Complete Collection

This digital PDF ebook is a high-quality reproduction of the digital scans of the original comic books, Boy Meets Girl.

Issues and stories included in this volume:

Boy Meets Girl No1
Orchids from My Beloved (8 pages)
If You Love a Doctor (8.67 pages)
Love Customs (1 page)
I’ll Wait for You (7 pages)
Heartbreak on My Honeymoon (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No2
I Was a Kiss and Tell Girl (7 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Love’s Priceless Gift (9 pages)
My Dearest Patient (7 pages)
My Broken Engagement (9 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No3
A Dress For Mary (8 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Love On Trial (8 pages)
Perhaps To Dream (9 pages)
Romance On My Doorstep (7 pages)
The Most Romantic Moment In My Life! (2 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No4
What Every Girl Wants (8 pages)
I Made Three Promises (9 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
How to Say “No” Gracefully (2 pages)
Summer Romance (7 pages)
Great Lovers of History (1 page)
Some Day I’ll Tell You! (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No5
Hotel Stenographer (9 pages)
Love Customs
Farewell to My Dream (8 pages)
My Heart on My Sleeve (8 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Never Write a Love Letter Unless… (2 pages)
Girls Who Love in Glass Houses (7 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No6
The Lie (8 pages)
Love Is As Love Does (8.67 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Dance After Midnight (8 pages)
Lucy Thomas Tells What Gifts Should a Girl Accept? (2 pages)
Change Partners (7 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No7
All Kisses Aren’t Love (8 pages)
My Engagement Ring (7 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
The Awakening of Johnny Brown (9 pages)
What Men Are Fair Play? (2 pages)
You Can’t Live on Love (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No8
Love’s Merry-Go-Round (8 pages)
Andorra (1 page)
The Honeymoon Was Over (9 pages)
The Charm Clinic (1 page)
Much Ado About Love (7 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Never Been Kissed! (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No9
To Those Who Are in Love (9 pages)
Keep ‘Em Guessing (8 pages)
Does Your Hair Flatter Your Face? (1 page)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
All Isn’t Love That Glitters (8 pages)
No Fence Around Love (7 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No10
Love, Honor and Obey Your Heart (9 pages)
Reckless Bargain (8 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Independent Sixteen (8 pages)
How to Be Popular (2 pages)
Crush on Teacher (7 pages)
Money on Stamps (1 page)

Boy Meets Girl No11
First Choice…Last Choice (8 pages)
Date with a Doctor (8 pages)
Rich or Poor – I Love You (8 pages)
Agnes Holmes Tells About Good Dating Manners (2 pages)
This Is Very Personal (8 pages)
Stanley the Explorer (1 page)

Boy Meets Girl No12
Prescription for a Broken Heart (8 pages)
Romulus and Remus (1 page)
Hide and Seek (7 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Charm Clinic (1 page)
With or Without Consent (8 pages)
Agnes Holmes Tells What Clothes Are Right for You (2 pages)
I Solemnly Promise (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No13
Nobody Loves Me (9 pages)
Once to Every Girl (7 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
The Charm Clinic (1 page)
See If I Care (9 pages)
The Boy Next Door (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No14
One Moon…One Star…One Love (9 pages)
You Can Be Too Smart (8 pages)
Agnes Holmes Tells How to Handle That Man (2 pages)
Love Letters Special Delivery (8 pages)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Then All of a Sudden… (7 pages)
Andorra (1 page)

Boy Meets Girl No15
Double Trouble (8 pages)
The Telltale Letter (7 pages)
Let’s Have a Party (1 page)
Honeymoon Spotlight (3 pages)
Straight from the Heart (8 pages)
Why Save Stamps? (1 page)
When Three Is a Crowd (2 pages)
Once Upon a Choo Choo Train (7 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No16
Effie Grows Up (8 pages)
Floating Safes (1 page)
If You Wait for Love (9 pages)
Agnes Holmes Tells About Girls Who Get Dated Once (2 pages)
Twice Good-By (8 pages)
Every Day a Memory (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No17
The Promise I Had To Keep (9 pages)
My Crazy Heart (7 pages)
The Third Kiss (7 pages)
Are You A Dud On The Dance Floor? (1 page)
Two Confessions (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No18
Love Is a Twosome (7 pages)
Write a Letter (2 pages)
After the Honeymoon (9 pages)
Do You Need Advice? (2 pages)
Pick-Up In The Park (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No19
Morning, Noon…and Love (8 pages)
In and Out of Love (8 pages)
Best Face Forward (1.67 pages)
Important Engagement (8 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No20
The One-Kiss Girl (7 pages)
Tips on Popularity (1 page)
A Doll Like You (9 pages)
Who’s in Love? (7 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No21
I Hated the Man I Loved (7 pages)
Danger Point! (5.67 pages)
Unfinished Week-End (7 pages)
False Honeymoon (5.67 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No22
Danger on My Doorstep (6 pages)
I Was a Good-Time Girl (6.67 pages)
Unforgotten Kisses (7 pages)
False Love (6 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No23
Honeymoon Confession (6 pages)
Shame in My Heart (6 pages)
If You Hide Your Past (7 pages)
A Girl Can Be So Wrong (6.67 pages)

Boy Meets Girl No24
Invitation to a Week-End (7.67 pages)
Ex-Lover (6 pages)
Two Kinds of Love (6 pages)
When a Girl Takes a Chance (6 pages)

Publisher: Lev Gleason / Comic House
Date: February 1950 – June 1952
Language: English
Cover: Color
Interior: Color newspaper print
Original cover price: $.10
Format: PDF
File size: 188MB

Due to the digital nature of this item, it is impossible to ‘return’ the item. Therefore, we are unable to offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges of any kind. However, we are ready to assist you, should you have any questions or concerns.


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