All True Romance Complete Collection – Issues No2 to No33 | Vintage Romance Comic | November 1951 – February 1958


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Title: All True Romance Complete Collection

This digital PDF ebook is a high-quality reproduction of the digital scans of the original comic books, All True Romance.

Issues and stories included in this volume:

All True Romance No2
First Kiss Me! (11 pages)
I Was Hated! (10 pages)
Cupid Wore Glasses (2 pages)
Censored! (9 pages)

All True Romance No3
Paradise (9 pages)
The Bride who Wouldn’t… (6 pages)
Passion’s Bargain (2 pages)
The Wrong Kind of Love! (7 pages)
I Had a second Chance! (6.66 pages)

All True Romance No7
Private Scandal (8 pages)
Doubtful Kisses (5 pages)
Stranger’s Meeting (2 pages)
How Can I Love You? (7 pages)
Her Man or Mine? (9 pages)

All True Romance No9
Man-Hater (9 pages)
Love Blind (6 pages)
Left Hand for Love (2 pages)
Money-Mad Baby (7 pages)
Give-Away Kisses (6 pages)

All True Romance No11
Korean War Bride (5 pages)
Accused (6 pages)
Passion (6 pages)
Double Cross (1 page)
Heartaches (7 pages)

All True Romance No12
Tragedy (7 pages)
One More Chance (7 pages)
Ecstasy (5 pages)
Letter Corner (1 page)
Circus Freak (6 pages)
Two-Timer (1 page)

All True Romance No13
Substitute Bride (7 pages)
Left Hand For Love (2 pages)
Man Crazy (5 pages)
Mama’s Girl (7 pages)
Meant For Marriage (6 pages)

All True Romance No14
Dread Past (7 pages)
Blues (5 pages)
Forgetfulness (2 pages)
Love Bait (6 pages)
Gang Moll (6 pages)

All True Romance No16
Easy Mark (6 pages)
Headstrong Woman (6 pages)
The Beautiful Bedroom (2 pages)
False Bride (6 pages)
Foolish Girl (6 pages)

All True Romance No18
Man Chaser (6 pages)
The Wonderful Knight (2 pages)
Love Thief (6 pages)
Love Lesson (6 pages)
Love Is the Prize (6 pages)

All True Romance No19
Truth Is in the Heart (6 pages)
Old Flame (1 page)
Faith in Their Love (6 pages)
Private Affair (6 pages)
Now or Never (1 page)
Party Girl (6 pages)

All True Romance No22
Love Is a Marathon (7 pages)
Sweet Misery (7 pages)
RX-Love and Kisses (5 pages)
I Had a Heart… Without Hope! (7 pages)

All True Romance No24
Almost is Never! (7 pages)
Don’t Pity Me! (5 pages)
Ring Around My Heart! (7 pages)
Tear-Stained Dreams (7 pages)

All True Romance No25
Close-up of a Cad (8 pages)
Stars in His Eyes (5 pages)
Put Off Our Marriage? (2 pages)
Battle For Love (8 pages)
Irresistible! (6 pages)

All True Romance No29
My Kind of Love (6 pages)
Haunting Kisses (6 pages)
My Uncertain Heart! (6 pages)
Am I an Old Maid? (6 pages)

All True Romance No30
Look at My Sister! (6 pages)
Dear Roberta Bennett (2 pages)
No Secrets (7 pages)
So Much To Be Thankful For (5 pages)
I Had to Change My Plans! (6 pages)

All True Romance No31
I Can Pretend Can’t I? (6 pages)
Forget, Like He Did! (5 pages)
A Long, Long Wait (7 pages)
Dreams Come True! (6 pages)

All True Romance No32
Proudly I Gave My Heart Away! (7 pages)
Determined Darling! (6 pages)
He’d Never Understand! (5 pages)
When We Search For Love! (6 pages)

All True Romance No33
I Caught the Bride’s Bouquet! (7 pages)
Saturday Is Date Nite (5 pages)
The Day I Promised to Marry! (5 pages)
How Can You Forgive Me? (7 pages)


Publisher: Comic Media (Issues 2-19), Ajax-Farrell (Issues 22-33)
Date: November 1951 – February 1958
Language: English
Cover: Color
Interior: Color newspaper print
Original cover price: $.10
Format: PDF
File size: 119MB

Due to the digital nature of this item, it is impossible to ‘return’ the item. Therefore, we are unable to offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges of any kind. However, we are ready to assist you, should you have any questions or concerns.


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